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About My Health Tips

What is My Health Tips Blog?

My Health Tips is a blogging website. On this blogging website, we publish health tips, fitness tips, sports, and biographies of famous personalities.
If you want to get information about health tips, fitness tips, sports, medical tips, and biographies of famous personalities then join our blog and make your lifestyle healthy and get a lot of information. In this blog, we have also kept an Author’s Column in which the author will share his thoughts.

Who is the founder of the My Health Tips Blog?

Nitesh Kumar Prasad

My name is Nitesh Kumar Prasad. I am a blogger and founder of My Health Tips blogging website. I regularly blog about health, fitness, sports, medicine, and biographies of famous personalities and publish it on my blogging website My Health Tips. I am a resident of Kolkata. I have graduated from Birbhum Institute of Engineering and Technology, Suri. My stream is Computer Science & Engineering. My hobby is playing cricket.

When was My Health Tips Blog created?

My Health Tips blog was created in March 2023. At that time I used to write and publish blogs on Blogger but due to some personal reasons, I stopped blogging in May 2023. My problem has not reduced but has increased. I thought that I should follow my passion. Then I entered the world of blogging again in March 2024. I took hosting from Hostinger in April 2024 and shifted my website from Blogger to WordPress.

I am back after a long time, I have forgotten many things and there were some problems in shifting from Blogger to WordPress but I solved all the problems. Right now blogging knowledge is a little less but as I learn, I will make my website better and I will try my best to fulfill the purpose with which I started this blog. Although it took me a lot of time to do this, I learned a lot during this time. From May 2024, I started posting regular posts in all categories on my website.

What is the objective of creating My Health Tips Blog?

The main objective of creating My Health Tips blog is to provide correct information about health, fitness, medicine, and sports to all people. There is a lot of news going around so we cross-check it and try to deliver correct information to you. And if any person needs any information on any topic related to any category of our blog, we try our best to provide it. Our only objective is to “Stay Healthy and Stay Happy”.

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